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There are numerous SFC authorized funds in the market here in Hong Kong and, with each fund providing you with many unique investment choices it can be really overwhelming to understand what each product offers. Our Fund Library is part of our Consumer Information Platform, so once you have read our articles on what you need to do before investing, use the Fund Library to get a better idea as to what products, with what features are available in Hong Kong.

Later, should you take the step into investing, you can use the Fund Library as a resource to help you manage your investment plan in the way we describe in the Education Section.

We trust you will find this Library just as important as the ones we used when we were studying.

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To assist you using the Funds Library we have created some dummy managers, “Boxing Kangaroo” and “Giant Panda”, and a range of products that provide typical insights into the types of products and features you will find when you go looking seriously.

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There are over 1,500 authorized sub funds in Hong Kong and when you factor in share-classes, currency, hedging and dividend distribution characteristics the number jumps up to around 10,000 selections!

To help you narrow down your search, please provide us with information on the characteristics that interest you so we can deliver the fund information that you need.